WHITE HOUSE first baptist
Sunday, December 10, 2017
where Jesus is Life
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 Special Guests From 
2015 - 2017
Sermons from 2015

Sermons from 2016
Sermons from 2017


Jan 03, 2015 Missionary Ryan Morgan's Funeral Service Pastor Ashley Mofield
Jan 18, 2015 I Believe Steve Escue
Feb 08, 2015 The Gospel For Anxiety Grant Heckel
Mar 08, 2015 The Gospel RNV David Thompson
Apr 19, 2015 It Takes A Village Scott Mena
May 17, 2015 Fight the Good Fight Grant Heckel
Jun 07, 2015  
The Faith of Daniel -  The PennyJar Project Scott Kingsbury
Jun 21, 2015 Identity In Christ Grant Heckel
Jul 12, 2015 Haiti Team Ministry Report Haiti Team
Jul 19, 2015 It's No Concidence, It's Providende Greg Barron
Sep 13, 2015 The Man of Faith Grant Heckel
Oct 04, 2015 The District Church Dwayne Gibbs
Oct 11, 2015 No Title, Just A Body Scott Mena
Jan 03, 2016 A Fresh Start David Thompson
Jan 17, 2016 In The Presence of Glory  Grant Heckel 
Feb21, 2016 When Grace Shows Up Grant Heckel
Apr 17, 2016 The Call of God in Our Lies Pastor Luis Lopez
May 29,2016 Fulfilling the Law of Christ by Bearing Burdens Scott Mena
Jun 26, 2016 Perseverance Greg Barron
Jul 17, 2016 Called To Follow Made To Give
Grant Heckel
Aug 14,2016
Homeboys Steve Escue
Oct 02,2016 Community Dwayne Gibbs
Oct 09,2016 A Continual Rest For Your Soul
Grant Heckel
Nov 20,2016 Love Matters
Brett Fogel
Jan 01,2017 New Life (Together)
Grant Heckel
Feb 12,2017 Love, Faith and Hope
Scott Mena
Mar 19,2017 The Prodigal Father
Grant Heckel
May 21,2017 The Gospel Handoff
Grant Heckel
July 09,2017 Great Rejoicing
Greg Barron
Oct 08, 2017
Death Died at the Resurrection of Jesus
Grant Heckel