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Wed, Apr 11 @ 6:45pm | Online (Zoom)
Women's Bible Study
Ladies, join us for a short devotion online. This is a Zoom meeting (online).

To use Zoom, click the link below and download the app (to your phone), or sign up for a free basic account on your computer. From there, click on the following link Wednesday @ 6:45pm to join.

Wed, Mar 25 @ 6:00pm | Online (Facebook)
Pastor's Bible Study
Join Pastor Ashley at 6pm this Wednesday night on the WHFBC Facebook page for a Bible Study. 
Who wants to get out of the house? Load the kids in the car and play Drive-By Bingo! Download your bingo card  HERE.


  • Everything must be outside the vehicle while you remain inside yours.
  • Once someone an object (i.e. a sign for maybe an 'oil' change), that is off limits to everyone else during that round.
  • Get creative! If you can't find the word 'number' on anything, then use the numeric number (i.e. 1,2,3, etc.).
  • You can play five in a row, or fill the whole card... or both! Anything goes, as long as rules are decided before starting the game!
Sundays 4:00 - 5:00 pm | Online
GROW + GO class
This class will help you GROW in God's word, to then GO and share with others. 

In efforts to keep everyone healthy, we will be meeting online in a Zoom meeting. To get connected and access our group, please contact  Jeremy Fyke.
Students are Zooming...
We'll be meeting online 3 nights a week. Make sure that you've signed up for Remind101 to receive the link to access the meetings. More details HERE