WHITE HOUSE first baptist
Wednesday, February 21, 2018
where Jesus is Life

Help us lead our congregation in worship by participating in our choir!  With weekly practices and worship services and two major worship experiences a year, choir is an exciting place to use your vocal abilities for the Lord Jesus.  The choir is always looking for individuals who love music and are committed to a lifestyle of worship.


“Just a choir member” is not a phrase that is used to describe the members of our choir.  Every choir member is a worship leader and is held to the standard of a church leader.  Not only do you receive encouragement, teaching, and accountability to take your life of worship to the next level, but you are equipped to lead other believers to develop their lifestyle of worship.  That’s the very heart and ministry of the choir, but it does not end there.  Choir has a mission as well as a ministry.  Through music, the gospel is presented so that the lost may learn of the saving grace of Jesus Christ.  




We hope that you will join us in the exciting journey that God has laid before us of serving Him within our church body and beyond its walls.  May your life of worship deepen daily.

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